edwin land series:  

suburban no-mans-land

The simple physical experiences of walking/riding drew me into the suburban fringe in the first instance;
exploring the unmapped, finding the unexpected, the solitude and lost time, the random trajectory
and the totality of the sensory immersion. 

The urban nowhere space has its own evolving character that becomes a zone where human impulses
can be played out away from regulation and law. Many of the dodgy activities are evidenced in daylight
but take place in the dark. 

Wandering the Edwin Land with a camera and tripod at night intensified the experience that in benign sunshine
is a park-walk. Every sound, every perceived movement or rustle of leaves is sharp and clear. Encounters
with animals and humans raised my heart rate and focussed my perceptions way beyond reality.

The *letter press printed text is a transposition of the experience I recorded as chronological notes, made while checking the time at convenient points in the journey. The images and text were printed and displayed together 
in Photospace Gallery ANU. They formed part of a submission for critique of the practice led research
component of an MVA.

*Printed using a manual letter press in the ANU SOFA Book Room. The ink composed of material collected
in the 'no-man-land': sump oil, rusty duco, dirt, plant material.