Mac EX.CCP Cover version 2.jpg

A collaboration with Jonathan

Nichols Exhibited at CCP

Fitzroy, 2009.

Photographs found, inherited and made myself.
The other photographers (some known to me, some unknown)
are all intrinsic participants and an important part of the scope and reach of the exhibition 'Mac'. As essential as the emotional connections Jonathan and I have to the subjects
of the photographs.


I made and collected these images instinctively over many years, my own and the adopted. The slight disorder and fretfulness is the influence of a sensible intuition. There is a perceivable wavering to the images that we both recognise, (Jonathan and I) a sort of residual after-effect
or hangover that separates out different motifs. Not necessarily physical or formal but immanent mental forces in the workings of images or at least in the way Jonathan and I experience them. In these photographs we feel our own habituations to the point of strangeness; our own hesitations and movements precede us, but as well run ahead.