tess (and Rosie)

Tess loves the trampoline. The joy of her complete physical immersion is beautiful to witness. She is the same in the ocean especially under the surface of the water. Tess disliked school and any formally structured activity. It appeared
to me she only found pain and confusion in all the schools she attended as a child.

- constantly loses things (and has things stolen from her without realising)

- befriends bullies for protection 

- is distressed by being touched by others

- doesn't recognise social cues and non-verbal signals

- is easily distracted by sound or visual stimulus

- is disoriented and gets lost easily

- cannot group or categorise except by visual means

- gags and feels nauseous when in public toilets

- has difficulty making decisions

- becomes engrossed in a single activity for long periods of time

- cannot read maps, schedules or timetables

- is always restless and cracks her knuckles constantly

The images of Tess were produced for an exhibition mounted by Visual Arts and Photography Teachers in the ACT. Surprisingly very few of the art works produced
by other Teachers made any reference to the profession.

Tess (and Rosie).jpg

Tess (and Rosie) Ilford Delta 100, 2011